Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The doggie fence is coming....

Ava and Finley, also known as Ike and Tina or Bonnie and Clyde, are getting a fence!  It will be finished tomorrow, fingers crossed.

You don't know how happy this makes me or how much this will help the door, let them out to tinkle....loving it!

Cats need a the backdoor and out they go...genius!
Now placing bets on how long before one of them digs out and goes for help to spring the other...any takers????

On a knitty note, I am knuckles deep in making stitch markers. Truly enjoying the wire wrapping and bead playing that is involved...and since I won a fat quarter pack the other day from Stash Resolution (big happy dance) I thought I needed to pay it forward, like Coggietm talks about.  Thus, I will be making some more up and having a little giveaway of my own.  Exciting!!!!

But for now, the fence is not finished and the FrankenFinley is whining at the door.  Time to go tinkle ...or as we say in this pee!!

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