Monday, July 26, 2010

Tour de Fleece 2010 has come to an end....

My handspun
So glad I joined TDF this year and didn't just lurk.  I had a great time, spun more than I ever would have without the deadlines, and will do it again next year.  

I met several goals, including spinning with mohair locks, spinning alpaca, and learning to love very imperfect yarn :)

I have to find a missing bobbin of corriedale-alpaca that went MIA yesterday.  I will be searching under beds, couches, and counters for the little booger.  I'm sure a cat or dog thought it was a cool prize...CSI will be called in for saliva prints and the guilty party will be placed in time out!
I suspect it is Princess Maggie, which is His Majesty's cat...she hates me.  Peed on me twice while we were dating...and once in my bag.  She is the confiscator of roving, as well as the sleep-on-top-of new-fabric diva...

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