Saturday, July 17, 2010

SuperFreak....part 1

Well, my 8 ounce batt spun into a very kinky girl, as I have mentioned before.  X-rated kinky, naughty kinky, way too much to handle kinky, Rick James I am trying to get her under control before I have to send her to juvvie hall or wherever bad yarns go to straighten up their act.

So while I watched Sons of Anarchy, season 1 on my Netfllix DVD (oh that is a whole story in itself, I'm sooooo hooked) I skeined the bobbin onto my little skeiner thingie and set out to show her who the alpha doggette is in this house...
Here it is fresh off of the skeiner....I know, so kinky, ugly!!!  What in the world could I ever do with this pile of pssghetti looking yarn?????  Even the puppies said no thanks....said she was bad blood.

I plopped it on the counter, while I filled the sink for a good soak.  She needed to be cleansed of the bad vibes.  I thought of calling in an exorcist, but was too embarrassed that I actually made this pile.
And soak she did.  I did a little water torture in hopes of getting this here blob of a yarn single to come into submission for me.  No yarn of mine will be such a bad example!!!  

So, that is the first part of my SuperFreak yarn....go Rick James, sing it!  I will have to show you what happened next....cliffhanger....

In other news, I went to class 1 and 2 of my Bernina Mastery class and learned more than I thought.  Of course, that also means I HAD to spend some money while at the quilt shop.  I had to buy the correct threads and needles and some more fabric and odds and ends....geez it's a losing battle.

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