Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 12 and a little Alpaca...

This is the start of a new batt for TDF today and it is an Alpaca blend, my 1st Alpaca.  So far, not too bad!  I am liking the colorway...thinking it is "jumping in leaves" or something like that...anyway, very fall like.  Maybe little socks, if I have enough.  I am spinning him on my Cherub wheel, which has a very small bobbin, so this will be many bobbins full.

In a minute I will skein my puppy pee bobbin and let it soak, then whack, then yarn stretcher...and hope some of her x-rated kinkiness comes out...especially since this is a PG show :)  (I have no idea what I am talking is the panini I just made and inhaled and the cup of ice cream I am chasing it with at 11pm tonight).
And this is what I live with...the Tasmanian devil known lovingly as Finley (or FrankenFinley)...he destroys everything I put in his kennel to make it cozy.  Blankets, dog beds, pillows, towels, mats, rugs...EVERYTHING.  This is why I am going to take up drinking..if I can give up ice cream!  Can't do both...too many calories!!!
Anyhoo, tomorrow is a "free" day, meaning I did not make any appointments or plans and I am free wheeling it!  That means dog walk (after I make some peach pie muffins), gym, library, phone store (I get to upgrade), pet store (everyone needs food), and then crafty goodness at home.  Yes, I have a list for tomorrow's crafts :)

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Fru-la-la! said...

oh meh gawd..look at that crate!!