Friday, June 25, 2010

Wanna go beadin?????

Several years ago I was addicted to beading...addicted!  See, I have a problem with crafting; I go feet first, obsessed, never ending, must do it the extreme.  So, I went nuts over beading and did it ALL the TIME.  Then along came knitting and the cycle began with knitting.  I still have a knitting obsession, but last week Iwent to a get together with coworkers that included beading.  Oh boy, the obsession began again :)Sorry for the granite background, took the pics without thinking.  I made a necklace and earrings and now keep thinking of beading (beadin man!).  I have a HUGE stash of beads from my earlier love and need to knock them out before buying more.  Yeah, like that will happen!
Anyway, I am ready to go back to the bead store and play some more.
By the way, today is my official first day off for the summer...ikes!  What will I do with this time off????  I have some spinning and sewing classes lined up, lots of puppy dog hikes, a beach trip with the family planned, and hopefully some day trips for fun.  And find a pool!!!!
Wanna go bead with me????  Just let me know !


Fru-la-la! said...

i love those beads! I'm afraid le kittehs would think they were candy or else I'd join you in beading.

wooliegirl said...

:) you are so right! They love them some beads, especially loose beads in a bowl...disaster!