Saturday, June 26, 2010

Puppy mess...I want a maid!

Don't tell me raising a puppy is not similar to having a baby or toddler, I will argue!  I will fight you!  Last night wasn't too bad in the sleep department, seeing as I got about 4.5 hours..better than it has been. 
Ava the Hun decided at 4:30 she needed out to potty, problem.  Then at 5:30 she decided she just needed out.  She wanted to play.

Sooooo, mommy had to get up with them as His Majesty stayed snug in the bed, sleeping.  Coffee started, laptop warming up, puppy destroying! 

She begins to unpack her toybox (yes, she and Finley have a toy box) and scatter toys all over the living room floor.  An already dirty living room floor, this is where my need for a maid comes in!  Then barking ensues...loud and demanding.  She wants attention from a sleepy Truman...who is NOT in the mood for Miss Ava gangsta thug!

This is my morning...I'm sleepy, hungry, and trying to keep everyone quiet...don't want to wake the bear!!

I grabbed my summer shawl knitting and I am trying to knit at least one row, but someone keeps trying to eat it.....gggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.          I WANT A MAID! I need help....I would love for once to have someone else sweep and mop and scrub toilets.  Now I will do the laundry, since I love laundry.  But everything else I will welcome assistance on :)

I would be in a much better mood with help and I will share coffee and even bake something luscious!

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Fru-la-la! said...

Ava the hun! buwahahaah! and the Truman is lovely!