Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ah, the weekend and school is out :)

School in my system is finally out for the summer and that means a little vacay for me :)  I will embrace it, yes I will, but it doesn't arrive until June 25th.  Until then, work and trying to stay cool.

I discovered this morning that Cafe Press is having a sale!!  Yes 25% off sitewide and that includes the very cool knitting apparel...all 28,500 women's tshirts!!! I am trying to read them all.  The coupon code is "BEST25" and shipping starts at $5.95.  I found this info on  I already have 3 tees picked out and may even make my own. 

I have frogged 3 baby hats intended for the Stitch n Pitch on Tuesday and I am so frustrated.  What am I doing wrong????  I just can't seem to get it together.  I think I am in a knitting slump, gasp!  I have stalled on the socks, the shawl, the baby hats and my summer cardigan.  I am stuck!!! 

Today is hair day and I sure hope that goes well.  Finally, these highlights I was given 7 weeks ago will disappear, since I HATE them....along with everyone I know....they all hate them too. 

I have been working on making muslin tea towels and need to find the links to show you....that is my goal for the productive.  That and some ice cream.  It is the weekend after all, that means MORE ice cream.

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