Friday, June 04, 2010

Quick look at the Bernina

Here is the Bernina that I bought this week...I'm finally putting up my pics.  Corbin kitty LOVES him some boxes and couldn't wait to jump on top to lounge.  He prefers a shoebox, but will take whatever is around that he can stuff his big body into.See his crazy eyes, that is happiness ("oohhhhh I have a box, I love it!").  I love my Bernina as much as Corbin loves a box.  I plan on taking the Mastery classes that my store offers, but the next go round isn't until July...boohoo.
Anyway, I'm happy :)  It is Friday, the sun is out, I had a wonderful breakfast (made egg whites with toasted English Muffins and peanut butter), and I plan on hitting a drive thru for lunch and living sinfully!  Thinking Bojangle's!
Have a wonderful Friday, hug a cat!

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Fru-la-la! said...

pretty sweet kitteh!