Monday, June 21, 2010

Finished another little project....I'm on a roll!

Well, I feel like I am on a roll...that counts for something!  So, I saw this link to a tutorial over at Stash Resolution.  She was making tea towels for Mother's Day, except hers were much prettier than mine.  (That's okay, I don't mind... :)
Anyway, I wanted to try to use some of my fabric stash and started cutting strips.  Oh yeah, I printed off the suggested tutorial from Tallgrassprairiestudio, which is excellent.  So, I go buy my muslin and get to stitching.
I have made 4 lovely little tea towels.  These (above) will be going to my mom.  The other 2 I will be test driving.  They are cupcake strips :)  Love them.  Mom doesn't know it.  I'm just going to pop them in the mail and let it be a surprise!  Don't you love getting prizes in the mail???  I do.

Now these are some generic Magic Loop socks I have deemed my "travel knitting" and was working on them last night as my knitting project.  I have completed the heels, yes they look funny!!  Stop laughing!  And now slowly working on the foot.  I hope to finish these by next week and cast on another pair.  I MUST work down some of my sock yarn.  It is taking over!
I am loving Magic Loop so much more than DPN, because I suffer from second sock syndrome.  I find my cable needle beneficial to my sanity.  I worked on them a little today during a workshop break and was asked several times "what are you doing?"  "why on one needle?"  "how can you do them both at once?"  "you find THAT RELAXING???"  Why, yes I do!!  I love it and it helps me to focus.  The workshop stresses me, the knitting centers me.  Does that make sense to you?  I know it will to the knitters out there!
Well, another 7am to 7pm workshop tomorrow...I just hope they have more food, I was starving when I got home!  This girl needs her snacks or she will pass out!

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