Thursday, July 21, 2011

What I learned today....

I REALLY need to get a lazy kate!  I need one that will fit my Spinolution bobbins, but that isn't expensive.  I can't find that combo...all I keep finding are too expensive for my checkbook these days :(  boohoo....
So right now I am winging it with a basket and knitting needles.  I like to think it is old I'm cool :)

I started plying my BFL this morning and hopefully will have it finished by tomorrow.

I also learned that I need to learn to crochet.  The reason is this website.  Milky Robot is the coolest thing ever!  I love these patterns, but I can't crochet :(  another sad moment...  Please go check out the patterns if you love little monsters, they are adorable.  And then come teach me how to crochet.

I also learned that breaking braids down into small bumps will make a mess, but it is a fun mess. (The top is a Twoifbyhand braid and the bottom was a swap gift) I worked on 2 braids this afternoon and can't wait to get these beauties on a wheel.  I'm going to aim for a chunky single with the above purple/turquoise fiber pile.  I want to make a hat out of it...keep your fingers crossed with me.

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Amy Darsie said...

You have what I like to call an 'extremely' Lazy Kate. Until I bought my Ashford Traditional, I was using a shoe box and knitting needles.