Friday, July 15, 2011

It has been a good day!

 Today I went to Asheville to visit the Friends and Fiberworks store and their Summer Retreat fiber fun.  I did not take classes (boo to you economy!), but did make a purchase to make me happy.
Yep, I needed to buy a little fiber happiness on this cold, rainy boost the economy and my spirit.

I bought 4 ounces each of orange and purple roving.  It feels so soft, like a little kitten.  I hope I can do it justice when I spin it up. I did not buy yarn, which is a good thing.  
I told all of that gorgeous yarn, "NO, get away from me, stop tempting me with your lovely softness....evil yarn! "

 Then on my way home I stopped in Black Mountain for lunch.  Let me just say, I LOVE the Wendy's Baja salad.  It is now my go-to fast food meal when I am out and about....don't get me started on how yummy it is...

Anyway, I stopped at a wonderful yarn shop called Black Mountain Yarn Shop.  People, you must go to this store and make many purchases.  Not only do they have scrumptious yarn (and other goodies), but they are sooooo nice.  Friendly, helpful, refreshing.  I made a few purchases while there, which included a bottle of Eucalan (for me to try out) and a cute pattern. 
This Blue Sky Alpaca Cropped Cardigan was knitted up and hanging in the store.  Gorgeous!!!  Had to have the pattern.
And I rounded out that visit with this shawl pin.  It is so cute!!
Overall, the trip was great for my spirits.  (Though I froze...what happened to summer?  It was 92 degrees yesterday and 67 today.  What?????)

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