Sunday, July 31, 2011

Just a pile of stuff...

So, I just have a pile of stuff to share today.  Nothing with any connection, just stuff.
  Okay, pic is kind of not showing, but it is a Japanese crafting book (The Life of Amigurumi Cats) that His Majesty brought back a few years ago.  We both thought it was a knitted cat...wrong!  Crochet and I don't know how :(  Anyway, found a website today with the English conversion and now I know how to make my crocheted kitty if I learn to crochet.

Someone needs to drive over here and teach me this week, please!  I will make muffins!!!  I will make iced mocha too.  Heck I will order pizza, just come teach me to crochet please.

We took a couple of days and drove to the beach with the poopies.  We stayed in my in-laws camper and had a good time.  I loved the RV park (first time we had done this), but next time need a bigger camper! 

I did get to knit on my Arrow hat while at the beach and made more progress.  I like this pattern and hope to finish it by tomorrow.

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