Saturday, July 16, 2011

TDF11 day 15

I finally finished my 8 ounces of BFL I have named Fire Roasted Lasagna....I'm celebrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I didn't think I would EVER finish this roving.  I was getting antsy to start spinning up another braid I have in the wings.
I will ply these two bobbins tomorrow and hope to get some decent yardage, but no clue what to knit it into....shawl??????  I love shawls and have quite a few in the favorites folder on my Ravelry page.

Big obstacle in plying...I need a lazy kate :(  I'm going to do a makeshift kate until I can find an affordable one that my Spinolution bobbins will fit on.  Why are lazy kates so expensive?  Seriously, they have gotten crazy high.

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