Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday wish list...

I wish it was warm!  I am tired of ice and bitter cold and bone chilling winds....but that's just me.
So on to my current wish list of fibery goodness -

I love this pink and brown combo and I am seriously considering signing up for her fiber club....oh I shouldn't, but I want one of everything.
Then there is this adorable little book Socks Appeal.  I have so many single socks that would make cool pets.  I really need this book :)
I do love this little knitting bag with the kittens.  Project bags always come in handy for travel knitting.  It screams socks to me.

This little fiber batt from Fluff Chick is so pretty.  I can see it spun up in my head, now I just need it in my hands!

and my ultimate wish list item today is an Offhand Designs bag.  I love the Zhivago and Gatsby, but would take anyone of them ;)  I'm not picky.

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Suzanne said...

I like a lot of that Gritty Knits page too. All I do with roving is needle felting, but my mom spins and knits like crazy... so I will be sharing that page with her to see if I'll get something made for me. hee