Thursday, January 20, 2011

Put me out of my misery....

I am not a good patient, which is weird, since I deal with patients everyday.  I don't like being sick....I can't just lay there and rest.  If feel like I have to be productive and get things done.  If there is laundry in the house, I will go and do it, even if every inch of my body is aching and on fire.  That is how I have felt this a beaten bag of hot rocks.  So what does that mean with knitting?????  
I still want to knit, throbbing eyeballs and all...let me knit. 
much neglected Van Dyke Shawl

I was lying in the bed on Tuesday and pulled out my big project bag and thought I would give my Van Dyke Shawl from SAFF some much needed attention.  WRONG....too much focus for this little lady.  Back in the bag!
soon to be beret
I then gave consideration to starting my Pacific Beach Beret, but that lasted all of one hacking moment and I gave up....consumed by mucus and doggie kisses.

But never fear...I did end up finding a project to keep me from going nutso in my sudafed induced haze.  I went with a washcloth.  How joyous to make a washcloth :)  Seriously, loved it!  I made two of these little ones for a baby gift and now I am hooked.  I want to make more of them....tons of them.  Washcloths for everyone!

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