Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My snowy spinning

With the snowy weather here and the delayed work schedule, I have been able to get a little extra spinning time in.  I am soooo happy :)  I dug out a batt I purchased in August at a destash sale.  I have no clue what this batt consists of, nor did the woman recall what it was or where it came from. 
That is okay...I love it anyway.  It is very soft with a little bit of sparkle carded into the roving.  You can't see it in the pic, but it glistens.  Fancy!

I'm normally not a fan of neon, however the limey green is spinning down into a subtle shade and I am pleased.

 I'm not so pleased with the kinks...man I have terrible kinks in it already :(

I was having a hideous noise coming from this wheel (a Spinolution Mach II) and could not make it stop....imagine nails down the chalkboard repeatedly.

Thank goodness for Ravelry and the forums.  They fixed my screech.  Well, I read suggestions and I fixed it!!

So while I was grabbing a little spinning time the rest of my house was doing this....

  They all need their faces washed before I take closeups again....shame on me.  (Sibby dog is missing from the line-up.  She was asleep in the garage)

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