Monday, January 17, 2011

The plague....

The plague hit our house last Wednesday.  First there was snow and ice and all things nasty that come with those last week, but we made it to work each day.  By Wednesday night DH was getting sick.  By Friday afternoon he was reeealllyyy getting sick and my head began to pound along with his.  I was NOT going to get sick

By Saturday he was spiking fevers and miserable and I was doing everything from wrapping myself in Clorox wipes, chanting to ward off evil spirits, and swinging Bojangle's chicken legs in the air as a token to the respiratory illness spirits (I watch too many horror movies).  See....I work with sick people everyday.  I am surrounded by kids with snot running down their face, wiped on their arm, wiped on my vomiting in trashcans beside my chair, hacking up foreign globs of green spew....I'm around sick people, but I usually don't get sick.

Well, guess what???  Got sick from my husband.  Thus, we are both home today sick.  We are both feverish, coughing, hacking until we turn red, delusional, and just plain wiped out.   (I went to work for a little while and threw in the towel.) 

I kept saying I was going to at least try and make it to the gym for a run. .  Yeah, told myself I could sweat it out.  Nope, not happening....kills me to walk to the fridge for water.  So, home on the couch with knitting.  Very therapeutic! 

Behold the 3-hour cowl from RavelryI was able to finish this up yesterday while laying on the couch.

I love this pattern, it was quick, it was easy and it was much better than the hat I began with this leftover yarn.  I highly recommend this cowl to you. 
Since I don't have enough projects already started, I decided to ball up this yarn I dyed in a workshop last year and cast on another beret.  I think the fever has gotten to my senses.  I really don't need another project on needles!  I am going with the Pacific Beach Beret, also found on Ravelry.  Oh yes, a fever's friend is Ravelry.  (my credit card company is loving me right now....I have been shopping)

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Fru-la-la! said...

OMG! I love the cowl! Love it! Hope everyone is on the mend!