Monday, January 24, 2011

I love it so much....

My newest love....Offhand Design Gatsby bag :)

 It does not pay for me to be home and on Ravelry!  I buy things, things I shouldn't buy!  But oh how I love this bag....LOVE this bag.
Look how gorgeous she is.  The fabric is luxurious, yes it is!  I have rubbed it all weekend.  I stuffed it full of projects....5 projects to be exact.

Have I mentioned how much I love this bag???????  I highly recommend one!  Offhand Design bag lovers are not lying, it is awesome!  If you are on the bubble, go get it!
I was able to find mine "on sale" so to speak, meaning buying it from someone else that had loved it prior to my purchase.

Why is it such a great bag?  Roomy, gorgeous fabric, very well made, quality material....go buy one!
And while on the shopping roll (take away my credit card please!) I restocked my running skirt drawer with some new running skirts for the spring/summer season.  I don't do shorts....I do skirts.  These were drastically reduced, so why not?????  (Seriously, cut off my paypal account).

I didn't buy yarn or fiber, so I feel I have behaved :)  Now I need to go sit down and whip out one of those projects and be productive.  I am full of grilled chicken and beer bread, so I need to work....

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