Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day and take time to remember those who have so gallantly protected us, honor them!  (not just today....but everyday)

Finley and Ava are getting along very well, they LOVE each other :)  I'm so glad.  I think she has calmed him down tremendously and I am super glad of that.
Today is Memorial Day as you well know and my workplace is closed, thus I am off.  Now, I had the option to work and normally I take that option for the extra time.  However, I am TIRED!  Puppy training is hurting me...getting up several times a night is not fun (my hat is off to all of you moms!).
So, I decided to stay home :) .  His Majesty decided to stay home as well, since he was in a 24 hour mountain bike race over the weekend and needed to recuperate.
Of course it is raining!  But that is okay....I can still enjoy my day off. 

I will be going to look at Berninas today and hopefully decide on the machine I want.  I will also be spinning a little and working on my socks and shawl.  Good times!!!

And I need to take pictures of this stuff and post....just so I can see what I am doing !!!

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Fru-la-la! said...

Such cute puppies!!