Monday, May 17, 2010

OH my gosh....another puppy!!???

Weelllllll, look what showed up at our house, a puppy.  It was in the drain pipe, shivering, cold, wet, dirty, covered in ticks and pitiful!  We coaxed it out/half pulled it out and took it into the house.  Gave her a bath, fed her, played with her, fixed her a bed...see what is happening?   She is precious, actually stinking cute is what she is.  However, I CANNOT have another pet.  No sirree bob, no more pets in this house.  This is not last May all over again. 
She needs a safe and loving home, just not here.  I have bills to pay and 7 other little ones to feed.
I am trying desperately to find her a home...please someone tate her.
Finley is loving her!  He is right now chasing her and licking her.  His tongue is as big as she it seems.
I have knitting and spinning I want to do, not dog walk and potty training!

Tonight I will knit a few rows on my socks, finish my cup cozy, and smile at the spinning wheel...and clean up dog pee.

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