Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What is up?

Quick post here just to say what is up.  Well, the precious little puppy found a home last week, but may be coming back to me today.  That is a long story for later today.  (I have missed her).

I have decided on the Bernina :)  huge smile here, just not sure which one.  I will be going by the sewing store to talk with a rep and decide from there.  Cost is a factor, since I just bought a new spinning wheel.  I have to have some restraint!  Don't I????

I started my shawl last night and only knitted about 5 rows before Finley decided he needed some loving....This is my yarn of choice for this little Ravelry shawlette, which I think will be very pretty.  I will pick it back up tonight and get at least 5 more rows completed!

My after work to do list:
1. Finley for a hike, exercise for me
2. Laundry folded and another load started
3. Litter boxes cleaned out
4. Dinner for EVERYONE
5. Spin at least 30 minutes
6. Pack lunch, pull out clothes for work, load car with work stuff
7. Shower and knit :)


Fru-la-la! said...

you spin?!! You are my hero! Spinning classes have intimidated the hell out of me!

wooliegirl said...

Oh you can spin too!!! It isn't that bad once you get the hang of it. It started out very frustrating, then I found someone to help me and now I have 3 wheels and find it super therapeutic!!!