Sunday, February 06, 2011

Stitch markers are happening...

I spent some time today working on stitch  markers for a swap I am participating in...a February Stitch Marker Swap in Ravelry.  I love swaps, I'm hooked!  I made a few extras for my other February swap partner too.

Then I made a few keychains to throw in the packages...And then I made a few pins to add just for the fun of it :)

(my picture taking skills are for the birds!!!!)

And I started my Pacific Beret on Friday night, worked a little on it last night, and a dab on it this evening.  I'm pleased with it so far and love my colorway. 
This is a yarn I dyed during a SAFF workshop this year.  Maybe last year, I don't know.  I lose track of what I take each year :)

As I said, my picture quality is VERY lacking.  But the colors are a beautiful variegation of blues, greens, and purples with a little white throughout. 
I highly recommend the dying workshops at SAFF. 

And I want to throw a shout out there to all of you knitters and some love and support to our fiber sister Sillyfru over at SassyPantsKnitter podcast (and Adventures of a Silly, Silly girl blog) and donate a dollar to help her go to CampKIP in April.  Details on her blog.  Thanks for helping her out!!

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Fru-la-la! said...

you rock and your stitch markers are amazing!!