Sunday, February 27, 2011

Conference = progress...

I'm not a huge fan of conferences, because I don't like being away from home.  I miss my bed, my babies, my food...and I always get behind at work.  But conferences do have one "fun" aspect for me...I can knit!  I'm one of those people that are better focused in a long lecture/meeting when I can knit.  It keeps my hands busy and helps me take in what I'm there for.
So, I took 2 knitting projects with me last week when I went to my conference.  I was able to knit a few more inches on my toe-up Tuscany socks.   (Sorry, the sock is inside out, but you get the jist of it).  I'm happy with it :)

I also knit a little more on my cap sleeve cardigan.  (I love Malabrigo!)  The moss stitch is popping out now on the front band.

And the  cap sleeves are adorable.  I like this pattern and that's a good thing, since I have yarn for a pink one too!
Ava was happy I came home, she just isn't showing it.  She is showing her spoiled little girl side :)


Amy said...

Those socks look fantastic! I love the colors!!!

Coggie said...

I like my own bed too.
That cardigan is cute. Need to look up the pattern.