Sunday, June 12, 2011

Once again a slacker..

My end of the year wrap-up has been going on at work and I have been a busy bee, which means slacking on posting. I had several posts roll through my head, but they never made it to the blog...anyway, here I am. Just sitting here with a cup of coffee and peanut butter toast slapping on a few pics while the poopies snooze on the couch and the kitties chase each other around the table.

You know I am a slow knitter, but I am slow on the tips and tricks end as well. But I discovered this cool beans way to measure my left over yarn and handspun. I love it!
I just couldn't afford a commercial yarn yardage meter, but read several comments on Ravelry about fishing line meters and their wonderful yarn measuring capability. It works! This is my high tech. Toss the yarn in the container, thread it through the top, slide through the meter, and wind away. Genius....

Interesting discovery, was winding a ball with a label stating 153 yards. The ball measured 128 yards, hmmmmmmm 128 and 153 does not add up. I hand measured other small samples and ran them through...the meter caught the correct why not the other ball???? Mystery.
I have been monogamous on the Multnomah shawl, because I need the needles and just want to finish it! I am so close! I finished the 5th repeat of the lace last night and will NOT have enough yarn to do the full 10 repeats. I will start the 6th repeat this morning and see how far I get.
I wound up some steely blue Chaco worsted for the Dandelion Beret KAL on Ravelry. This is a gorgeous beret from Little Yellow Cat. Come join us!
Now off to walk the poopies and make a grocery list, good times.

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