Sunday, June 19, 2011

I love hats :)

I have been busy working on my Dandelion hat KAL, trying my best to finish the hat before I run out of yarn :)  Ever been there?  I have a terrible fear I will run out of yarn...ikes! I decided to go with a slouchier version and did the repeat twice (hence fear of yarn outage)

 Here is the hat at the end of the 1-16 row repeats times two.  I love how it looks and feels.  The pattern is wonderful.  I will definitely be doing another.
Now, I did mess up along the way and it is blaringly obvious to me when I see it, but I hope not to you.  I was knitting in the dark (yes, dumb) and watching a movie and messed up.  Once I figured out I messed up I was already 2 rows up and thought FORGET IT, not going back.  So, I will live with my error and NOT knit in the dark again.

I wish you could see how beautiful this design is knitting up, but my 32 oz tea just doesn't model the hat well!!  (hee hee)
Hopefully I will be able to finish this week and get back to finishing my socks...and making a knitting list for the beach :), which is coming up soon.  Thinking about socks and maybe some fingerless mitts...

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