Sunday, June 05, 2011

Gearing up...for TDF11

The time is drawing near for Tour de fleece 2011 and I have signed up for two teams so far.  Who knows, by the end I may be in 10!
I snagged this gorgeous BFL in someone's destash over on Ravelry and it came in the mail yesterday.  I have fondled it off and is so pretty.

I finally posted my Babe wheel on Ravelry this morning, as well as my hand cards.  I'm working towards thinning the herd and utilizing what I have without excess.  Does that make sense????
This beautiful yarn is another destash that was practically given to me!  It is Araucania Aysen in the number 813, what with the numbers????  It is wool, silk, and alpaca and I could knit undies out of is that soft.  I just fell in love with it when I opened the package.  Gorgeous beyond words and thinking of a vest...but open for suggestions.  I think I have right at 800 yards.

Now this is what I have been busying doing this week...

I have been making more drawstring project bags, in the hopes of selling them.  I have given several away and now want to make a little money back to cover costs.  They are quite roomy.  These are the medium bags and I believe they are 12 x 13 with the squared corner bottoms.  I will soon post them (not sure where yet) for $15.00.  I LOVE mine and carry projects in them all over town...and work...and events.  (the gals in Home Depot now call me the "knitting girl" because I follow His Majesty around knitting out of a small hootie bag)

Anyway, I have been sewing, spinning on my fire roasted lasagna BFL and working on my Tuscany socks (those *%$@% socks!).
Have a wonderful day!  I am heading to the store for ice cream, since I rode 9.3 miles on the bike and survived!

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