Sunday, June 26, 2011

Just another Saturday...

While having my morning coffee (cup number 3) I decided to pull out some old stash yarn and make a quick knit project.  (Why another project?  I have no idea, but just wanted to cast something on AND use yarn I had to make me feel productive.  Yeah, makes no sense, I know)

 I went with the Laser by Ashley Aguilar. 
I pulled out some Lion Brand Homespun and size 15 needles.  I would much prefer the Malabrigo she used, but sadly no bulky Mal in my stash :(
I am also gearing up for a little vacation coming up and need some projects to take with me.

And just like any other Saturday (hee hee) I had a bellydance performance.  Twice a year, the troupe I dance with has a big show and they are wonderful!
The ladies are awesome and I love our group!  My mom and grandmother came (big supporters) and rocked it out with us! :) 
I wish I had more pictures of the costumes, because I am all about costumes, but sadly I don't.  This is the only pic I have from the show...boohoo...and I had some killer costumes!

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