Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Beautiful flowers!

Spring is here I hope for good! Though it will be 38 tonight, so I covered my tomatoes, peppers, and herbs just in case! I'm going the container garden route again this year, since a certain someone will not allow a bed garden. Geez! I just wanted a small bed for squash, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, mesclun and spinach! I didn't want the entire yard, just a small spot. But no, I could not have it!

Anyway, they are tucked in for the night. The other flowers are blooming and gorgeous and the pollen is coating everything in sight with it's golden hue of powder. I am here avoiding studying for tomorrow's exam. What a jerk I am :) I should be studying, but I am blabbing instead. I should also be packing for the conference.

I am pushing off nausea as well! Yes, yesterday and today I kept getting waves of dizziness and nausea, but thought nothing of it. Then went to dinner with 2 great gals from work (Ms Paula and Ms Cheri) and ate my weight in pub chips, field peas, cantaloupe and baked chicken. Even got sugar free blueberry pie to go (delish). Then about an hour ago the MAJOR nausea hit and I considered it to be the food, the vast amount of food. No, actually now think it is sinus...really! I just can't get sick now!!! I am talking nausea that makes you want to throw up just so you will feel better :( That is bad.

WEll, hopefully it will pass on it's on and I will feel like a spring flower again. I am watching Stinky Jones Kitten sit in the dark window staring out into the night. I wonder what she looks at when she sits there, it's dark outside!

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Anonymous said...

i hope you feel better! those are pretty flowers!

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