Monday, April 28, 2008

EXAM woes!

I have exam woes this week, for I have my final Survey of Math exam on Wednesday. Ugh, I dread it. So I haven't been knitting as much as I had planned this weekend. I have been studying evil math. Once Wed evening is over, this class is over!
I also have been planning for a conference on Thursday and Friday. I really don't like conferences much anymore, because you get further behind at home and work while you are gone! That's not fun! I had the land shark (big car) detailed today so it won't be a dirty ride for the gals going with me. Now I need to plan snacks!
Corbin cat has been acting nuts at the back door. He will go and try to catch the knob, like he is going somewhere! He also cries like a little baby, so sad :( Right now he is sleeping in the cat tent, while I am wanting more ice cream! I made a mexican chicken stir fry with couscous for dinner and just finished a cup of ice cream, but I want more!!! Maybe if I knitted a few rounds of my pedicure socks I would feel a cup of tea.
Then back to studying for Wednesday....

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