Monday, January 09, 2012

My head must be huge :(

 Blocking my just finished hat and trying to stretch this puppy out for my huge head!

This is the Not Just for Chemo Reversible Cloche and a nice pattern to knit.  I used my handspun and was happy with the end result, even with my huge head :(

The top is adorable!

My self photo taking skills are atrocious, so overlook me please!  

I need to weave in the ends and work on getting it stretched to cover my ears and allow for the little flip up on the edge like in the pattern picture.  She looks great in hers...

 Now for other exciting things....I had a bellydance recital this past Saturday night and spent most of Saturday working on my costume. 

I was slack the past few months and put it off until the last minute...I wanted more knitting time.  The downfall, I realized at 4:30 as I was getting dressed (needing to leave at 5pm) that I had completely forgotten to make the bra that matched my hipscarf!!!!  How could I forget that??????

I dug through my sewing basket and grabbed some scrap fringe and ribbon and hot glued this puppy together on me.  It made it through the troupe number (the troupe that I am a member of) and now is ready for a proper blinging out!!!

 One of the few pictures that His Majesty which you can see me.  Yep, me with my turquoise/peacock feather fans.  I love feather fans!  I love bellydancing!  I love the gals in my troupe!!!

I'm working on converting them into the fiber fold.
I came home to snuggly puppies that are always precious when they are sleeping.

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