Sunday, May 29, 2011

There was a goat....

that came to see a group of PreK kids.  This little lady stopped by Friday afternoon to round up farm week and I had to go and check her out.  She was beautiful!  I want one!!!

But His Majesty reminded me of the "nothing else that eats, breathes, or poops in the house" rule.  :(

I've been pretty much glued to the Memorial Day weekend Spin Off over at Dizzy Sheep this weekend and haven't gotten as much knitting/sewing/spinning done as I had planned.  I was able to grab up some Malabrigo Lace, which I haven't tried before.  I'm hanging in for the batts...where are they????????????

I have decided to use this KnitPicks yarn for casting on the 198 yds of heaven shawl on Ravelry.  It isn't a worsted, but I didn't have one in the stash that would work, so going with this pretty, purpley fingering weight. 
And I have been reading up on the Book of Wool, which I picked up at the library.  It has a WONDERFUL chart on wool that I believe will help me in deciding on which types to purchase next for spinning.  (branching out from a little!)

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Lauria said...

I picked up the Knitter's Book of Yarn at my library last week, too! I'm really enjoying it and see that it's a perfect thing for a spinner to have on the bookcase. I just took up spinning two weeks ago! :)