Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fun stuff!

I started this afternoon off with a mani-pedi (Christmas gift certificate in March...I'm slow).  Sparkly red toes and baby pink fingers.  I don't have nails, part of my long nails.

 Getting ready to mail out my March stitch marker package.  Here are the stitch markers I made and I will be adding a tissue pouch (cupcake fabric), oversized nail file (really cute, candy print), HUGE dark chocolate bar, notepad, and a beaded keychain.  Fun stuff!   The theme is green.

The bummer about February swap partner stiffed me :(  I sent her a cool package and she never sent mine.  Why do people do that?????

Now on to what I have accomplished in knitting the past few weeks.  I am trying to get more done on the cap sleeve cardigan vest and I have just finished the decreases and getting ready in a minute to start the increases....

You can't really see them, but these are the 4 decrease areas.

The front band...I adore moss stitch.  Don't you?

 And the full view of this wonderful pattern.  Truly love this and it really isn't a bad knit, I'm just slow.
I think that is cat hair all over my shirt :)

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