Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pink :)

Finished a pair of fingerless mitts for my boss's birthday.  These were a fairly quick knit. I made a couple of changes, but otherwise kept with the pattern.  AND I used up yarn in the stash! 

Also, knit the sweetest little baby sweater in the world!  Well, in this house :)  This is for a coworker's little girl that is on her way.   I loved this pattern, it was fast and easy.  It is asymmetrical, though you really can't see that detail from this picture.  I bought a kiwi lime skein to knit another for her.  This is a Shrug Bug  by Gina Bonomo.  She has several cute baby patterns that I just might have to purchase...

And that was the fun stuff for the week.  The rest consisted of stinky dogs, stinky laundry, muddy floors, dirty dishes, and witchy women. 

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