Monday, February 27, 2012

February is for antibiotics!

 After 8 weeks of feeling like a cast member of The Walking Dead (and not a living one), I finally broke down and went to the employee clinic.

There I was asked "why 8 weeks????" And I replied "I thought it would go away."  Yep, thought it would.  So I spent 8 weeks feeling like death; no energy, icky, feverish, and sleeping every chance I got!

8 weekends of sitting on the poopie's couch (they let me have the corner).  I slept, knit a row, slept, swapped out loads of laundry, slept...knit a row....
I was able to only knit one little zombie, but she looks like how I felt!
I LOVE me some zombies
 And I finished a cowl....and that was all February has brought me in finished objects.
I am feeling much better with the ole 14 day course of Amoxicillin and sometimes you have to break down and take them.

This past weekend I left the couch, much to His Majesty's happiness.  He took these pictures to show me that I was looking like death.  Yeah, well I felt that way too!  (Check out me styling with 2 pairs of socks on....I was feverish!)

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