Monday, March 09, 2009

Can you scream slacker????

Yes, I am a slacker....big resolutions to be on top of my blog and then nothin! Well, one good reason...I discovered Facebook, great...I agree. However, it gave me a vicious virus! Vicious, wiped me out, killed my laptop, eeeevviiillllll! I had to wait for His Majesty to help reformat my laptop and then try and reload what I was able to salvage. I was mad and sad!

Anyway, back in the saddle and virus free so far! Of course, now very skeptical of Facebook. But here are a few things I have been doing sewing wise....making lovely little tissue holders that I found on Sew, Mama, Sew blog. LOVE that blog and have learned so much from the great tutorials! Please check it out and try some of the ideas. These were superfast to make and will be great gifts!

Also working on two baby blankets for the Meadow's twins. They are boys and I have been making little quilts for them. Have the tops done, but need to finish the backs! I have that as a weekend to do this coming weekend! One is greens and blues and the other is yellows, oranges and a little blue-green thrown in. I just hope she likes them for her precious boys!

The pics look a little sad, bad, and lackluster. But the tops are cute in real life, believe me!

Then there is school, ick! Just had my midterms in Nursing Informatics and Concepts of Nursing and I am working on my papers for each class. I do not like writing papers! Nope, not at all and have to buckle down and work each every night.
Now I have to go find my size 7 knitting needles to start bibs :)

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