Thursday, February 12, 2009

Besides homework...

What have I done this week?
1. made a chocolate chip bundt cake
2. made apple cranberry wheat bread (YUM, wonderful as french toast)
3. made a scrub top, cut out another
4. scheduled an appointment for a facial and a massage on Saturday, just because I deserve it
5. knit, knit, knit on my sweater and getting so close to sleeves
6. went to a Boot Camp exercise class and survived it!
7. stopped being upset over my laptop death :(
8. bought Valentine's cards and remembered to mail them earlier this week
9. made beef and broccoli (with chicken added in) that was great
10. didn't cry when I came to class tonight :)
oh yeah, new running shoes for my next 5k!!!! oh yes....will be doing it!

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