Sunday, March 02, 2008

New project in the bag....jumping out at me!

I was at sock knitting class and couldn't help buy pick up a new project. A sweater pattern. What was I thinking????? I have never knitted a sweater. I have been scarves, shawls, booties, wraps, but never a sweater...or the socks I am fumbling through. I did finish the heel flap (homework for next Wed) and I think I messed up again. I will find out Wed, so stay tuned!! This is the sweater (Berroco pattern book) and yarn (8 balls of LOVE IT!) I am going to attempt. It is so pretty and soft and Brandi (knitting teacher) promised I could do it. Yeah, she said I could do socks too!!!

Sibby-dog is doing a little better. She is on her meds still and at the vet right now. Her daddy decided they would go and do their thing, which includes a McDonald's trip I am sure! Her check-up on Wed was a different vet and she started saying "cancer" right and left and freaked him out. I told him to chill, there was not enough evidence for that! Positive, positive...she is doing better! Even went to Lowe's yesterday and enjoyed the ride :)

Yesterday I made the quilted block 5"squares for Britt's bag. I love the colors and patterns, the pic does not do them justice. Today I MUST sew them together. I hope she likes it! I made enough squares for a 2nd bag. I am considering doing a little Etsy account. I have lots of stuff to share :)
I also have a brand new Cat Bordhi, Socks Soar on 2 Circular Needles book that I need to sell. I haven't used it, since I switched to the one needle sock class. So I need to destash that book and a bunch of other stuff. Guess that means I will be doing a little inventory this week. I have a rack full of aprons I have been making, another obsession!
Oh well, better get at that if I am going to make any progress today. (Plus I have a test to take in my Survey of Math class, blugh).


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