Monday, March 24, 2008

I feel rotten, how bout you???

I feel rotten going on my 3rd week. I finally hit the wall last Thursday night and spent my EAster holiday on the couch wishing my headache and sore throat away... I went to work this morning to go to the clinic, but the NP was out sick!! So back in the morning to try again for a strep test. Yep, that's what it looks like. I guess after spending day in and day out with people with strep it was bound to catch up to me!!!

Here is my finished rag quilt bag for Britt. I love it! I think it turned out very cute for my 1st try and I so hope she liked it! I told her she could put her tennis shoes in it for GOTR. I am thinking of making a few more for kicks :)

In knitting news, I am back on the socks and slooooowwwwllllyy getting there. We have had several snags in knitting class with the pattern. There have been a few errors in the pattern and I am so confused. I came home and started on my "homework" and seem to have hit a bump in the road. I am following the pattern, but it is wrong. Yes, it is wrong!!! My heels look completely different. I am hoping we get a corrected copy in Wed's class, so I can try again. I will not be defeated!!

I have been out of commission with mid-term exams, a dog on the mend (she is getting a little more spunk back), work stress out my ears!!!!, and being sick. Plus our internet connection keeps cutting off, without a reason. I will try to post some more pics when it cooperates!

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